This is an archive of published media reports. Many of the ministers reported in these articles have NOT been criminally convicted.

State convention held liable for abuse, ABP, 5/18/2012

Florida Baptist Convention found liable for former pastor who abused Eustis boyOrlando Sentinel, 5/17/2012 ("Jurors decided that the convention didn't do enough to investigate the background of Douglas W. Myers, who started two churches... after receiving funds and training from the convention.")

Florida Baptist Convention accused of negligence in Lake County sexual molestation caseOrlando Sentinel, 5/9/2012 (Douglas R. Myers)("The statewide group should have done more .... Had they not in fact approved of him, he would not be in Florida doing that work. The reality was they were the party that could have said no.")

Baptist youth minister charged with sexual assaultABP, 3/21/12 (Gary Welch)

Corsicana youth minister arrested for alleged sexual assaultWFAA-TV, 3/20/12 (Gary Welch)(Man says that prior complaint to pastor Rick Lamb "kind of fell on deaf ears".)

Former teacher, youth pastor indicted on sex chargesABP, 3/7/12 (Daniel Acker, Jr.)

Pastor found guilty of abuseABP, 3/6/12 (Travis Payne)

Two new victims are part of allegations in an 8-count indictment against Daniel M. Acker Jr Birmingham News, 3/6/12 (Daniel Acker, Jr.)

Accused as molester, Daniel Acker Jr. was once beloved Shelby County teacherBirmingham News, 3/4/12 (Daniel Acker, Jr.)(In 1992, "they held pancake dinners to raise money for his defense, proclaimed his innocence on marquees, demonized the fourth-grader who accused" him. "Shelby County circled the wagons to fight for its own. And it won." Now "police say Acker Jr. admitted to groping little girls on at least 20 occasions, including the child involved in the 1992 allegations."

Children turned away from church while sex-offender preachesABP, 2/21/12 (Darrell Gilyard)

Kids turned away from churchNews4Jax, 2/19/12 (Darrell Gilyard preaching yet again in an SBC church)

Former minister pleads guilty to abuseABP, 2/14/12 (Joe Nix Ivey)

Billy Baldwin film targeted by sex abuse victims over localeABC News, 2/13/12 ("It's not just a case of a child-molesting cleric. His colleagues... have been ignoring and concealing the crimes....")(Link at 12 NewsNow)

Former Montgomery County pastor pleads guilty to sex abuseFrederick News-Post, 2/8/12 (Joe Nix Ivey)

Former minister paroled after child sex abuse convictionKATV-Arkansas, 1/31/12 (David Pierce / First Baptist Church of Benton)("...Pierce didn't deny the allegations of sexual indecency with a minor, yet it took about three months for church officials to fire him.)

Former Baptist minister paroled for sex crimesABP, 1/31/12 (David Pierce / First Baptist Church of Benton)

Youth minister arrested, ABP, 1/11/12 (Mitchell J. Rousse)

Former youth pastor, teacher charged with molestationABP, 1/9/2012 (Daniel Acker, Jr. / Westwood Baptist Church / FBC-Pelham)

Gilyard hasn't ruled out starting new churchABP, 1/6/2012 (Darrell Gilyard)

Pastors react to Acker's arrestShelby County Reporter, 1/6/2012 (Daniel Acker, Jr. / Westwood Baptist Church / FBC-Pelham)(Resident said FBC-Pelham "held spaghetti suppers to raise money for Acker after the 1992 allegations." Acker now faces multiple charges of child sex abuse and has "admitted to molesting at least twenty-one" girls.)

Shelby County superintendent: Schools aiding police after ex-teacher charged with sex abuseBirmingham News, 1/5/2012 (Daniel Acker, Jr. / Westwood Baptist Church)

Clergy sex offender released from prisonABP, 1/4/2012 (Darrell Gilyard)

Former Jacksonville pastor now a registered sex offender, Florida Times-Union, 1/3/2012 (Darrell Gilyard)

Year in review: Newsmakers in 2011, ABP, 12/23/11 (Prestonwood and Second Baptist of Houston scandals / Mohler's own Southern Seminary board of trustee member failing to cooperate with police on prosecution of child sex abuse case)

Former staffer at SBC mega-church focus of abuse investigationABP, 12/19/11 (Chad Foster / Second Baptist Church of Houston)

SNAP protests pharmacy license for accused predatorABP, 12/19/11 (John Langworthy)

Youth minister accused of raping teen now charged with online solicitation of a minor, KHOU (Houston, TX), 12/16/11 (Chad Foster / Second Baptist Church of Houston, TX)

Former Oklahoma Baptist University professor arrested in Pennsylvania in child porn caseThe Oklahoman, 12/16/11 (Gary Joseph Doby)

Alleged peeping evangelist charged in third townABP, 12/16/11 (Sammy Nuckolls)

Baptist pastor convicted of molesting 5 girls in his Citrus Heights homeSacramento Bee, 12/9/11 (Tommy Gene Daniels)

Pastor found guilty of child abuseABP, 12/9/11 (Tommy Gene Daniels)

Parole decision delayed for former music minister convicted of abuse, ABP, 12/2/11 (David Pierce / FBC-Benton)

What we already know about John Langworthy and Morrison Heights presents serious questions,Cottonmouth, 12/1/11 (Morrison Heights / John Langworthy / Prestonwood)

Advocate: Southern Baptist abuse victims still need "safe place," Louisville Courier-Journal, 11/30/11

Church leader questioned about handling of sexual abuse allegationABP, 11/30/11 (Morrison Heights / Philip Gunn / John Langworthy)

Email shows Gunn's role in abuse case, WJTV, 11/30/11 (with video)(Morrison Heights / Philip Gunn / John Langworthy)

News analysis: Churches not typically first reporters of sexual abuseABP, 11/22/11 ("Southern Baptist churches are rarely the first party to report child sexual abuse by clergy to legal authorities ...."

WKY youth minister arrested on sex abuse charges, WAVE News, 11/21/11 (John Brothers, Jr.)

Teacher, pastors, principal arrested in sex assault caseNews 7 Denver 11/17/11 (Hilltop Baptist Church and Hilltop Baptist School)

Mohler says Penn State scandal holds lesson for Southern BaptistsABP, 11/9/11 (Prestonwood)(Smith. . . urged Mohler to address specific, serious and documented cases of failure to report child abuse by Southern Baptist churches." Clohessy: "It's easy to say stuff, harder to do stuff.")

Trial date set for accused clergy predator, ABP, 10/18/11 (John Langworthy, Morrison Heights, Prestonwood)

Trial date set for former Clinton music minister accused in sexual abuseClarion Ledger, 10/18/11 (John Langworthy, Morrison Heights, Prestonwood)

Advocate says Baptists ill-equipped to address sexual abuse by clergyABP, 10/14/11

Pastor changed his mind about allegationsHernando Today / Tampa Tribune, 10/12/11 (Brian Brijbag)

Former preacher sentenced for incest, ABP, 10/04/11 (Holland Farrell McMorris)

Former minister indicted, ABP, 9/29/11 (John Langworthy, Morrison Heights, Prestonwood)

Ex-minister indicted on sex countsClarion Ledger, 9/28/11 (John Langworthy, Morrison Heights, Prestonwood)

Former music minister charged with sex crimes, ABP, 9/8/11 (John Langworthy, Morrison Heights, Prestonwood)

Ex-minister facing sex chargeClarion Ledger, 9/7/11 (John Langworthy, Morrison Heights, Prestonwood)

Ex-minister's arrest sparks reactionWJTV (Jackson, MS), 9/7/11 (John Langworthy, Morrison Heights, Prestonwood)

Former music minister charged with sex crimesWLBT-TV, 9/7/11 (John Langworthy, Morrison Heights, Prestonwood)

Former minister arrested for sex crimesWJTV (Jackson, MS), 9/7/11 (John Langworthy, Morrison Heights, Prestonwood)

John Langworthy arrestedFOX 40 News, 9/7/11 (John Langworthy, Morrison Heights, Prestonwood)

Former Clinton music minister faces sex crime charges in 2 citiesWJTV, 9/7/11 (John Langworthy, Morrison Heights, Prestonwood)

NH convict in shamed girl's rape gets 15-30 yearsAssociated Press (The Tribune/San Luis Obispo), 9/6/11 (Ernest Willis)

NH convicted rapist facing 54 years at sentencing, Associated Press (Denver Post)(Boston Globe, 9/5/11 (Ernest Willis)

Man impregnated 15-year-old; pastor sent her to Colorado, Denver Channel 7 News, 9/5/11 (Ernest Willis)

Pastor charged with sexually abusing childThe Gazette (Maryland), 9/2/11 (Joe Nix Ivey)

Prosecutors want information from church about former minister suspected of child abuseABP, 9/1/2011 (John Langworthy / Morrison Heights Baptist Church)(“Even if it is a possibility as a legal argument, that doesn’t necessarily make it a morally right argument, particularly when it’s an argument being asserted by the church,” Brown said.)

Ungodly Discipline (part 1) CNN / Anderson Cooper's 360, 9/1/11 (Hephzibah House)(video)

Church safety seminar provides prevention tips for leadersMidland Reporter-Telegram, 9/1/11 ("Only 10 percent of sexual abusers hit the criminal justice system. . . . What that means is even if your criminal background check is working at 100 percent efficiency -- and I promise you it's not -- we have a serious hole in the fence.")

Abuse case talks called privileged, Clarion Ledger, 8/27/11 (John Langworthy / Morrison Heights Baptist Church)

Enid pastor renews call for clergy sex abuse database, The Oklahoman, 8/20/11

Former youth pastor gets 41-month sentence for abuse of studentPort Orchard Independent (WA), 8/16/11 (Dirk Jackson)

Former minister's accuser expected to speak to policeWAPT News, 8/16/11 (John Langworthy)

Police to meet with minister's alleged victimWJTV (Jackson, MS), 8/16/11 (John Langworthy)("It's not uncommon for victims to wait years before reporting abuse.")

Report released on pastor accused of video voyeurismFox 30 Jax (Florida), 8/15/11 (Greg Neal)

Church leaders react to pastor's arrest, CNN / 4029TV, 8/12/11 (Joshua Wilson / FBC-Springdale / Church at Pinnacle Hills in Rogers)(with video)

Pastor renews call for database of clergy sex abuse, Christian Century, 8/11/11 (Langworthy / Prestonwood)

Pastor renews call for database of clergy credibly accused of sex abuseABP, 8/11/11 (Langworthy / Prestonwood)

Former youth minister, teacher makes startling admissionWAPT News, 8/9/11 (John Langworthy)

Abuse confession raises question of cover-up by Baptist mega-churchABP, 8/9/11 (John Langworthy)

Former Prestonwood minister admits to "sexual indiscretions" with students, Dallas Morning News, 8/9/11 (John Langworthy)

Disturbing revelations about Prestonwood's former minister, WFAA-TV (Dallas-Fort Worth), 8/8/11 (John Langworthy)

Youth pastor charged with sexual molestationLos Angeles County DA's office, 8/5/11 (Demetrius Darnell Allen)

Former Fairbanks pastor sentenced for having sex with teen, AP (Anchorage Daily News), 8/5/11 (Shawn Anthony Justice)

Pastor pleads guilty to sex abuse of former studentPort Orchard Independent, 8/4/11 (Dirk Jackson)

Local pastor arrested on sex chargesWKRG News (AL), 8/4/11 (Cederick McMillan)

Genesis of a killer? CBS News, 7/29/11 (Matt Baker)

Pastor accused of kidnapping, raping womanThe Post and Courier (SC), 7/30/11 (Dale Richardson)

Reverend accused of indecent liberties against a child, WBTV (NC), 7/26/11 (Robert Bradley Price) (with video)

Church youth worker guilty of sexually abusing boys, Bristol Evening Post (Great Britain), 7/26/11 (Gilleon Prentice)

Former British Baptist pastor sentenced for sexual abuse, ABP, 7/26/11 (Robert Dando)

Former Worcester Park Baptist minister jailed for sexually abusing boys, Your Local Guardian (Great Britain), 7/25/11 (Robert Dando)

Man sentenced to prison for sexually abusing young boysAvon and Somerset Constabulary (Great Britain), 7/25/11 (Gilleon Prentice)

Valley paper criticized over pastor's column on spousal rapeAnchorage Daily News, 7/22/11

Ex-detective charged with molestationPress-Enterprise (CA), 7/15/11 (Granville Douglas "Bud" Kelly, Jr.)(He was a ministry leader for First Baptist Church and on the board of directors for Riverside Christian Schools.)

Shocking claims of sexual abuse in custody hearing for Matt Baker's daughters, KCEN-TV (Texas), 7/8/11 (A pastor of SBC-affiliated Trinity Baptist Church in Kerrville is alleged to have sexually abused a girl prior to baptism.)

Youth minister charged with child molestationWALB News, 6/28/11 (James Kubicek, III)

Preacher gets 18 years for sex assault, Chicago Tribune, 6/22/11 (Morris Eubanks)

Police: Former football coach used position as church leader to sexually abuse teensWPDE News Channel 15 (SC), 6/15/11 (Gregory Martin Hill)

Wolves in the music ministryNew BBC Open Forum, 6/15/11 (Prestonwood Baptist Church (Dallas, TX) / Morrison Heights Baptist Church (Jackson, MS).

Arrest of music minister shocks California churchABP, 6/7/11 (Mark  William Michaels)

Former York County pastor's arrest, travels spark nationwide sex-assault searchYork Daily Record, 5/28/11 (Matthew Dwayne Jarrell)

No law on church worker checksSan Bernardino Press-Enterprise, 5/31/11 (Joseph Jermaine Spencer)(Assistant pastor had prior conviction, and "the lead pastor knew about his criminal history." Southern Baptist execs say "no authority." "In 2007, the Associated Press reported that the three companies that provide liability insurance to the majority of Protestant churches in the United States typically receive more than 260 reports each year of young people under 18 being sexually abused by clergy, church staff and volunteers.")

New Hampshire man, Ernest Willis, guilty of raping teen church member Tina AndersonNew York Daily News, 5/28/11 (Ernest Willis)

Merrywood youth pastor charged with molestationInside Statesboro, 5/25/11 (Douglas Randall Pope)

Georgia youth pastor faces child molestation chargesWAGT News, 5/25/11 (Douglas Randall Pope)

Prattville man pleads guilty to enticing a child for immoral purposesMontgomery Advertiser, 5/24/11 (Zachary Emerson)

Alleged victim testifies in rape trial of fellow church memberThe Union Leader, 5/24/11 (Ernest Willis)

Pastor's arrest, suicide stun churchCharleston Gazette, 5/23/11 (Matthew Dwayne Jarrell)

Church member pleads guilty to rape of babysitter, Denver Post, 5/18/11 (Ernest Willis)

An Oklahoma pastor is arrested on sex complaintsFOX 23, 5/17/11 (Bruce Sanders)

Church member pleads guilty in NH teen rape caseAssociated Press (San Luis Obispo Tribune), 5/17/11 (Ernest Willis)

Teen allegedly raped, forced to apologize for pregnancy before churchMSNBC, 5/16/11 (Ernest Willis)

Former teacher avoids prisonCharleston Post and Courier, 5/12/11 (Charles "DJ" Fishburne Rhodes III)

Case Profile: Matthew BakerTrue Crime with Aphrodite Jones (Investigation Discovery), 4/28/11 (Matt Baker)

Church preacher convicted of sex assaultChicago Tribune, 4/28/11 (Morris Eubanks)

Church preacher convicted of sex assaultWGN Radio (Chicago), 4/28/11 (Morris Eubanks)

Former pastor jailed for a second timeFOX Carolina, 4/22/11 (Stephen Douglas Berry)

Former minister gets five yearsEnnis Daily News (TX), 4/20/11 (David Ray Gray)

Online auction to raise legal fees for custody battleABP, 4/19/11 (Matt Baker)

Popular Brooksville youth pastor accused of unlawful sex with 17-year-old, St. Petersburg Times, 4/14/11 (Brian Brijbag)

Brooksville youth pastor arrested in sex case, Hernando Today/Tampa Bay Online (FL), 4/13/11 (Brian Brijbag)(also on MSNBC)

Religious leader jailed for abusing teenagerThe Age (Australia), 4/13/11 (Daniel Rogers)

Vic church man jailed for sex with boyBrisbane Times (Australia), 4/12/11 (Daniel Rogers)

Pastor charged with viewing child porn at library, ABP, 4/5/11 (Eddie Prince)

Cleric guilty of raping churchgoing childrenNorth Country Gazette, 4/5/11 (Jeremy Fulton)

NYC youth minister pleads guilty in sex abuse caseSan Antonio Express-News, 4/4/11 (Jeremy Fulton)

Hernando minister used library computer to view child pornography, police say, Commercial Appeal, 4/4/11 (Eddie Prince)(pdf copy)

Hernando pastor charged with child pornographyWMC-TV (Memphis), 4/4/11 (Eddie Prince)

DeSoto Co. preacher arrested for child pornWREG (Memphis), 4/3/11 (Eddie Prince)(with video)(pdf copy)

Former Tulsa pastor charged with seven counts of child sexual (OK), 4/1/11 (Vincent Brookfield)

Former youth minister arrested on child sex abuse charges, Tulsa World, 4/1/11 (Vincent Brookfield)

Former Tulsa minister arrested for child sex crimesFOX 23 News, 4/1/11 (Vincent Brookfield)(with video)

Pastor awaiting rape trial is placed on electronic home detentionSeattle Times, 3/31/11 (Royce Shorter)

Police: Dunn pastor assaulted assisted living center patientWRAL News (NC) 3/28/11 (Paul Burke Johnson)(with video)(pdf copy)

Sexual misconduct charge rocks Harnett County churchWRAL News (NC), 3/27/11 (Paul Burke Johnson)(with video)(pdf copy)

Former youth pastor charged with sexual assaultABP, 3/24/11 (Joe David Nelms)

Former O.C. pastor arrested on sex chargesOrange County Register, 3/23/11 (Joe David Nelms)

Bail denied for former pastor charged with sex crimeWSPA - News 7 (SC), 3/22/11 (Stephen Douglas Berry)

The slow yet public demise of Bishop Eddie Long, by Morris W. O'Kelly, Huffington Post, 3/16/11 ("There can be neither closure nor true healing without any public discussion of the allegations.")

Une voix contre le tabouRéforme magazine (France), 3/10/11 (excerpts in English)

Former Woodbridge pastor faces stalking chargeInsideNova (VA), 2/23/11 (Jason Bolton)

Port Orchard pastor charged with raping 12-year-old girl, Oregon Herald, 2/19/11 (Dirk P. Jackson)

Port Orchard minister admits on tape to rape of girl, KOMO-News, 2/17/11 (Dirk P. Jackson)(with video)(pdf copy)

Child rape charges filed against South Kitsap pastor, Kitsap Sun, 2/17/11 (Dirk P. Jackson)

SK pastor arrested on child rapePort Orchard Independent, 2/16/11 (Dirk P. Jackson)

Mike Hogan's testimony in sentencing of youth pastor convicted of child pornography chargesFlorida Times-Union, 2/9/11

Mike Hogan defends testimony supporting youth pastor convicted of having child pornFlorida Times-Union, 2/8/11

Former youth pastor admits to sexual assaults, CHBC News, 2/8/11 (Daron Mark Crown)

Former NAMB trustee sentenced for fraudABP, 2/7/11 (Danny O'Guin)

Citrus Heights pastor ordered to stand trial on molestation chargesTMCNews, 2/4/11 (Tommy Gene Daniels)

Pierce parole delayed, for now, Benton Courier, 2/2/11 (David Pierce)

Clergy abuse cases move through legal systemABP, 2/1/11 (David Pierce / Robert Dando)

Churches check closer after molestation casesAthens Banner-Herald, 1/30/11 ("Often, children have to grow into adulthood before they have the strength to say they were molested.")

Rape trial of Bayside pastor on in (NY), 1/28/11)(Phillip Joubert)

Youth minister arrestedCentral Kentucky News-Journal, 1/27/11 (Drew A. Underwood)

Pierce's family attends parole hearing for Benton sex offenderBenton Courier, 1/26/11 (David Pierce)

Ex-youth minister pleads guilty to sex abuseLEX18 News (Lexington, KY), 1/25/11 (Jacob Allen Conder)

Still spiritual after trauma, St. Louis Examiner, 1/23/11 ("When a person is sexually abused they suffer physically, emotionally, and psychologically. When the offender is a priest, minister or rabbi, the victim also suffers spiritually.")

Prosecutor objects to parole for Pierce, Benton Courier, 1/21/11 (David Pierce)

Former First Baptist music minister up for paroleFOX-16 (Arkansas), 1/21/11 (David Pierce(with video)

Ex-local pastor faces voyeurism charges in TexasBradenton Herald, 1/19/11 (Matthew Christopher Porter)(He had previously pled guilty on 9 voyeurism charges in Florida).

Sunday School teacher charged with molesting 14-year-oldAtlanta Journal-Constitution, 1/19/11 (James Benjamin Harris)

Church counselor charged with molestationGwinnett Daily Post, 1/18/11 (James Benjamin Harris)

Leader of Missouri Baptists resignsSt. Louis Post-Dispatch, 1/10/11 (David Tolliver resigned "due to immoral behavior with a woman." Also includes discussion of David Clippard's resignation.)

Sturtevant gets seven years for sex assaultThe Sun Journal (Lewiston, Maine), 1/6/11 (Kurt W. Sturtevant)(At sentencing, his pastor, Rev. Glenn Carver of Pleasant Street Baptist Church, said "He has consistently shown himself as a gentle and kind man.")

Church backing pastor jailed on molestation chargesABP, 1/2/11 (Tommy Gene Daniels)

Church board supports pastor jailed in sex caseModesto Bee, 1/2/11 (Tommy Gene Daniels)

Rio Linda church stands behind pastor after arrestFOX 40 (KTXL-TV Sacramento), 1/1/11 (Tommy Gene Daniels)

Rio Linda pastor arrested for child molestationNews 10 (Sacramento), 12/30/10 (Tommy Gene Daniels)(with video)

Rio Linda pastor charged with child molestationSacramento Bee, 12/30/10 (Tommy Gene Daniels)(with video)

Positivity: Christa Brown rewarded for helping abuse victimsEX Times, 12/22/10

Dallas County pastor accused of sexual assaultKATV (Arkansas), 12/20/10 (Ivory McDaniels)

Kimball ex-preacher charged in child pornChattanooga Times Free Press, 12/17/10 (David Hoschar)

Two years for Lynn pastor, Lynn News (Great Britain), 12/14/10 (Malcolm Hoare)

Megachurch leaders linked to controversial mortgage ventureCBS Atlanta, 12/14/10 (Gary Hawkins and Eddie Long)(video)

Mega church leaders involved in controversial mortgage schemeCBS Atlanta, 12/13/10 (Gary Hawkins and Eddie Long)(video)

Norfolk former Baptist pastor jailed for sex assaultsNorfolk Eastern Daily Press (Great Britain), 12/11/10 (Malcolm Hoare)

Former pastor denied shorter sentence in rape caseNewark Advocate, 12/8/10 (Lonny J. Aleshire, Jr. )

Bishop Eddie Long seeking settlementKTBS, 12/8/10 (Eddie Long)("He's now apparently looking to settle through mediation, behind closed doors....")

Another "I'm innocent" guilty case of sex abuseThoroughly Anderson Cooper blog, 12/8/10 (Eddie Long)(video)("Mediation would be the last place you'd think he would wind up," says expert.)

Church honors advocate for abuse victimsABP, 12/7/10

Bishop Eddie Long agrees to mediationHuffington Post, 12/6/10 (Eddie Long)

Ex-worker's sex-harassment suit targets pastor, Indianapolis Star, 12/6/10 (Jerry Hillenburg)

Pastor faces sex abuse chargesHartselle Enquirer, 12/2/10 (Carl C. Lloyd, III)

Grand Blanc church denies man accused of sexual misconduct was pastorMacomb Daily, 12/1/10 (Curtis Burkhardt)

Youth pastor is charged in sex caseDetroit Free Press, 11/30/10 (Curtis Burkhardt)

Man pleads guilty to molesting teenAthens Banner-Herald, 11/30/10 (Norman Anthony Pugh)

N.H. Baptist minister, elders found guilty of failing to report abuseABP, 11/30/10 (Timothy Dillmuth, Richard Eland, Robert Gagnon)

Minister, elders guilty of not reporting abuseNew Hampshire Union Leader, 11/25/10 (Timothy Dillmuth, Richard Eland, Robert Gagnon)

Ex-Hartsell youth minister indicted on sodomy chargeDecatur Daily (TN), 11/25/10 (Carl C. Lloyd, III)

Former youth pastor arrested for sodomyWAFF-48 News (TN), 11/24/10 (Carl C. Lloyd, III)

Former Alaska pastor found guilty of sex abuseAssociated Press (Washington Examiner), 11/24/10 (Shawn Anthony Justice)

Former Fairbanks pastor found guilty of sex abuse of a minorFairbanks Daily News-Miner, 11/23/10 (Shawn Anthony Justice)

Conway church elders found guilty of not reporting suspected child abuseWMWV Radio (NH), 11/23/10 (Timothy Dillmuth, Richard Eland, Robert Gagnon)

Reverend Terry McDowell gets bond reduced in sex abuse of child, KSDK News (MO), 11/20/10 (Terry McDowell)

York minister indicted on child sex charges, The Herald (SC), 11/13/10 (Johnny William "Bill" Cabe)

Worcester Park Baptist minister facing UK child sex abuse investigationThe Guardian (UK), 11/11/10 (Robert Dando)(Congregant recounts how she used to confide in Dando about the effects of her own childhood sexual abuse.)

British police investigating minister who confessed to abuse in U.S., ABP, 11/11/10 (Robert Dando)

UK police investigate former Bicester minister, Bicester Advertiser (UK), 11/11/10 (Robert Dando)

Ex-pastor fighting extradition to Missouri for murder chargeLos Angeles Times, 11/10/10 (David Love)

Former pastor from Boiling Springs accused in killing denied bondSpartanburg Herald-Journal (South Carolina), 11/10/10 (David Love)

Pastor David Love and Teresa Stone: Just another heartwarming adulteryThe Examiner (Kansas City), 11/10/10 (David Love)

Pastor charged with murder appears in courtKMBC News (Kansas City) 11/10/10 (David Love)

Pastor David Love arrested on murder warrantKMBC News (Kansas City) , 11/9/10 (David Love)(with video)

Pervert priest faces 80 years in US jailOxford Times, 11/5/10 (Robert Dando)(NOTE: He was actually a Baptist pastor, not a priest.)

Pastor arrested for sexually assaulting church memberNBC Miami, 11/5/10 (Jerome Dieuseul)

Oprah Show: 200 adult men who were molested come forward, 11/5/10

Sexual abuse trial of ex-pastor starts with victim's testimonyFairbanks Daily News-Miner, 11/4/10 (Shawn Anthony Justice)(He had prior conviction in Virginia based on "sex with a 15-year-old.")

Survivor finds freedom speaking out about abuseAkron Beacon Journal, 11/4/10 (See also "Man claims minister abused him 40 years ago," Charleston Gazette, 9/1/1995)

Worcester Park Baptist minister admits child sex attacks, Kingston Guardian, 11/4/10 (Robert Dando)(In 2001, Dando was also "embroiled in another child sex abuse scandal" involving a minister at another church he worked at.)

British Baptist minister pleads guilty to child molestation in VirginiaABP, 11/3/10 (Robert Dando)

Church 'youth leader in training' charged with molestation, Braselton News Today (GA), 11/3/10 (Joshua Humphrey)(Zion Baptist Church in Braselton, SBC-affiliated)(As reported, he shared a house with a registered sex offender.)

Angels and DevilsTexas Monthly, 11/2010 ("the notorious Matt Baker")

48 Hours Mystery: Dirty Little SecretsCBS News, 10/30/10 (Matt Baker)(with multiple videos)

A victim's voice is heardThe McDowell News (NC), 10/29/10 (Michael Eugene Pearson and prior case at same church)(Victim says that senior pastor Tony Shirley told that that, if she identified the perpetrator, she would "ruin his life.')

Music minister charged with lewd act on child, WYFF-4 TV, 10/29/10 (Norman Henley Keesee)

Pastor calls for church unity following arrest of associate pastorABP, 10/28/10 (Norman Henley Keesee)

Local associate pastor charged with lewd actsGreenwood Today, 10/27/10 (Norman Henley Keesee)

Duenweg pastor charged with receiving child pornKOAM-TV, 10/26/10 (Michael Alan Crippen)

Duenweg, Mo. pastor charged with child pornSpringfield News-Leader, 10/26/10 (Michael Alan Crippen)

Youth minister faces charges in Guilford County, The Biblical Recorder, 10/25/10 (Thomas L. Elliott)

Former youth minister convicted of sex abuseKentucky Post (AP), 10/25/10 (Jacob Conder)(He is scheduled for trial in January 2011 on four similar charges.)

Ex-youth minister found guilty of sex abuseWAVE-3 (KY), 10/22/10 (Jacob Conder)

Youth pastor arrested in stingThe Sampson Independent, 10/22/10 (Thomas L. Elliott)

Church trustee charged with sexual assaultWTVO (Illinois), 10/22/10 (Terry Carlson)

PC (USA) grieves over abuse on mission fieldChristian Post, 10/15/10

New Manna employee chargedThe McDowell News (NC), 10/9/10 (Michael Eugene Pearson)(See also "A Victim's Voice Is Heard" in The McDowell News, 10/29/10, stating that Michael Eugene Pearson was also an assistant pastor at the church.)

Panel completes investigation of abuse claims; pursues truth, healing and justice, Presbyterian Church (USA), 10/8/10

LifeWay background-check service finds hundreds of felonies, ABP, 10/7/10

Churches, other groups do more background checksAssociated Press, 10/6/10 (600 felonies in LifeWay-sponsored background checks done by 900 churches and other organizations)

Local music minister arrested for child molestation, The Douglas Enterprise (Georgia), 10/6/10 (Russell Dwain Brooks)

Clergy sexual abuse 'pervasive' co-author of study saysABP, 10/1/10

British Baptist minister faces sexual battery chargesABP, 9/30/10 (Robert Dando)

Youth pastor sex case delayedOdessa American, 9/29/10 (Robert John Weber)

Rape allegation stuns prosecutor, defenseOrland Press-Register (CA), 9/28/10 (Carlton F. Hammonds)

Three testify pastor sexually abused themWillows Journal, 9/27/10 (Carlton F. Hammonds)

The root: The meaning of Eddie Long's demise, National Public Radio, 9/27/10 (Eddie Long)("Those who doubt his accusers should ask themselves what would be worth the media scrutiny and pointed hostility that they will suffer regardless of the outcome.")

Bishop Eddie Long: Did he do enough to defend himself against sex abuse claims? ABC News, 9/27/10 (Eddie Long)

Pastor takes pulpit and rejects sex claimsNew York Times, 9/26/10 (Eddie Long)(video of Long's statement to church; Long was received with standing ovations)

Bishop Eddie Long: Powerful pastor's ministry put to testAtlanta Journal-Constitution, 9/26/10 (Eddie Long)(history on Eddie Long)

Sex scandal threatens a Georgia pastor's empire, New York Times, 9/25/10 (Eddie Long)(Long's father was a Baptist minister. Long has described him as "a drinker and emotionally distant." In his 2002 book, "What a Man Wants, What a Woman Needs," Long said: “To be candid, I’ve been working to remove the tentacles of nearly 40 years’ worth of pain and complications that came my way against my will during the first 12 years of my life, and my father was a preacher.”)

Eddie Long said to resign amid yet another sex abuse lawsuit filed, Execte News, 9/25/10 (Eddie Long)

Pastors meet to pray for Bishop Long, My FOX Atlanta, 9/24/10 (Eddie Long)(with videos)

Warren pastor to be tried on sex charges, Detroit News, 9/23/10 (Christopher Settlemoir)

Preacher Eddie Long faces third sex-abuse claimAOL News, 9/22/10 (Eddie Long)(Attorney says church officials "knew about the abuse and failed to stop it.)

Lawsuits accuse Bishop Eddie Long of sexual coercion; Long "adamantly denies,Atlanta Journal-Constitution, 9/21/10 (Eddie Long)("When you believe in your pastor, you believe in your pastor," said congregant.)

Lawsuits accuse megachurch leader of sexual misconduct, New York Times, 9/21/10 (Eddie Long)

Pastor strip club investigationKOKH FOX 25 (Oklahoma), 9/13/10 (Randy Robertson)(video)

Former pastor at Norfolk church denies abusing girl, BBC News (UK), 9/13/10 (Malcolm Hoare)

Judge declares past case admissible in former Fairbanks pastor's sexual assault trialFairbanks Daily News-Miner, 9/10/10 (Shawn Anthony Justice)

Pastor's sex-crimes case set for jury trial, Willows Journal (CA), 9/9/10 (Carlton F. Hammonds)

Sacramento DA: Former church deacon sentenced for molestationSacramento Bee, 9/3/10 (Robert Cowan)

Registered sex offender pastor of churchAlbany Herald (GA), 9/1/10 (Perez Blackmon)(Vocal opponent of pastor's appointment was tossed out of the church.)

Pastor charged with molesting 10-year-old boyShelby Star (NC), 8/25/10 (Johnny William "Bill" Cabe)

St. Louis pastor arrested on molestation chargeABP, 8/25/10 (Terry McDowell)

Baptist pastor charged with child molestationSt. Louis Post Dispatch, 8/24/10 (Terry McDowell)

Rock Hill minister arrested on child abuse charges, Charlotte Observer, 8/24/10 (Johnny William "Bill" Cabe)

Minister charged with running illegal medical clinic and fondling boyWBTV (Charlotte, NC), 8/24/10 (Johnny William "Bill" Cabe)(video)

Rock Hill minister faces sex chargesWCNC News (Charlotte, NC), 8/24/10 (Johnny William "Bill" Cabe)(video)

Minister arrested on child abuse chargesLake Wylie Pilot (SC), 8/24/10 (Johnny William "Bill" Cabe)

Minister arrested on child abuse chargesRock Hill Herald (SC), 8/24/10 (Johnny William "Bill" Cabe)

Church minister held in U.S. on child sex chargesBanbury Cake (UK), 8/24/10 (Robert Dando)(He was also a prior magistrate for family matters.)

British Baptist minister arrested on child sex charges in the U.S., The Daily Mail (UK), 8/20/10 (Robert Dando)

Church minister Robert Dando faces U.S. child sex chargesBBC News, 8/19/10 (Robert Dando)

Worcester Park minister facing multiple child sex abuse charges in U.S., Kingston Guardian, 8/19/10 (Robert Dando)

Guilty plea in sex abuse caseSt. Clair News-Aegis, 8/16/10 (Gregory Lee Bowman)

Davenport minister charged with sexual abuse of juveniles, Quad-Cities Online (IA), 8/16/10 (Terry VanHoutan)

Local minister charged with felony sex abuseKWQC-TV (Davenport, IA), 8/15/10 (Terry VanHoutan)

Davenport man accused of sex abuse against minorsQuad-City Times (IA), 8/14/10 (Terry VanHoutan)

British Baptist minister jailed in Virginia on sex chargesABP, 8/12/10 (Robert Dando)

Former Virginia Baptist youth minister accused of sex with teen in his churchABP, 8/12/10 (Jason Bolton)

Pell City man pleads guilty to sexual abuseThe Daily Home (Alabama), 8/9/10 (Gregory Lee Bowman)

Parishioners turn out for Warren pastor accused of sex abuseThe Detroit News, 7/22/10 (Christopher Settlemoir)

Virginia pastor charged with child abuseWashington Post, 7/20/10 (Jason Bolton)

Virginia pastor faces sexual abuse chargesNews 8 (Woodbridge, VA), 7/20/10 (Jason Bolton)

East St. Louis pastor accused of sex abuseBelleville News Democrat, 7/17/10 (Charles Moore)

South Illinois pastor charged with sexually abusing girlAP (Chicago Tribune), 7/17/10 (Charles Moore)

East St. Louis minister arrested for sexual child abuseFOX 2 Now, 7/16/10 (Charles Moore)

Was pastor's double life motive for murder? ABC 20/20, 7/8/10 (Matt Baker)

Pastor discarded wife like 'yesterday's trash', ABC 20/20, 7/8/10 (Matt Baker)

20/20 to air update on pastor convicted of murderABP, 7/8/10 (Matt Baker)

Former educator pleads guilty to sexual misconductTexarkana Gazette, 7/2/10 (Franklin Wray)

Liberty U. removes Ergun Caner as seminary deanWashington Post, 6/30/10

Former Elkhart pastor indicted for indecency with childTyler Morning Telegraph, 6/22/10 (Hezekiah Stallworth)

Former Baptist minister Fred Hanson sentenced to 18 months for sexual touchingCanadian Crime News, 6/19/10 (Fred Hanson)

Ex-pastor Fred Hanson gets 18 months for sex crimes, The Bugle-Observer (Canada), 6/19/10 (Fred Hanson)

Former church volunteer gets 50 years for raping boys, Knoxville News Sentinel, 6/18/10 (Randall T. Hollifield)

Pastor Christopher Settlemoir arrested, Deep Thoughts blog, 6/15/10 (Christopher Settlemoir)(with over a thousand comments on the post)

Pastor arraigned on sexual abuse chargesMSNBC, 6/14/10 (Christopher Settlemoir)

Former Rwandan Baptist pastor convicted of genocideABP, 6/14/10 (Francois Bazaramba)

Pastor charged with sex abuseWDIV-Detroit, 6/12/10 (Christopher Settlemoir)

Family sues convicted rapist for damagesNewark Advocate, 6/11/10 (Lonny Aleshire, American Baptists)(The family requested a meeting with the American Baptist Churches of Ohio... No meetings occurred... a candlelight vigil was conducted for Aleshire... the congregation... ostracized them and blamed them for his acts, according to the complaint.")

FBI: Church volunteer admitted to sexual contact with boysSun Sentinel, 6/10/10 (Jerry Nickelson at First Baptist Church of Central Florida)

Baptist preacher gets 12 years for distributing child porn, ABP, 6/10/10 (Bernard Squires)

Victim's courage may lead to justiceNashua Telegraph, 6/5/10 ("The FBI estimates that only 37 percent of all rapes are reported to the police.")

Conway hearing packedThe Keene Sentinel, 6/3/10 (Tim Dillmuth, Robert Gagnon, Michael Wedge, Richard Eland for a hearing on failure to report)

Indianapolis pastor at center of controversial rape caseWXIN-TV (Fox 59 Indianapolis), 6/3/10 (with video)

15-year-old allegedly raped, then forced to confess to churchABC News, 6/3/10

Woman: I was afraid to tell of rapeConcord Monitor, 5/30/10 (Ernest Willis: Trinity Baptist in Concord NH)

Woman: Church covered up my rape as teenCBS News, 5/29/10 (Ernest Willis: Trinity Baptist in Concord NH)

Alleged rape victim pleased by news of arrestCBS News 4 (Denver), 5/28/10 (Ernest Willis: Trinity Baptist in Concord NH and Tri-City Baptist in Westminster, CO)

Pastor: No cover-up of alleged rapeConcord Monitor, 5/28/10 (Ernest Willis: Trinity Baptist in Concord NH)

NH church at center of 1997 teen rape case, Washington Post (AP), 5/27/10 (Ernest Willis; Trinity Baptist in Concord NH)(Additional links for the AP story in the Dallas Morning News, the Boston GlobeFOX News)

Scandal creates contempt for Catholic clergyDenver Post, 5/25/10 ("There is no evidence that Catholic clergy are more likely to be involved in sexual misconduct than other clergy....")

Former Baptist camp director charged with abuse found deadABP, 5/25/10 (Stephen Carter)("The Southern Baptist Convention would conduct a professional assessment...and should pro-actively reach out to provide assistance....")

Police say church's actions thwarted rape investigationWMUR (New Hampshire) 5/25/10 (Ernest Willis, and allegedly with the assistance in covering it up from pastor Chuck Phelps of Trinity Baptist in Concord, NH)

Police: Girl raped, then relocatedConcord Monitor, 5/25/10 (Ernest Willis, and allegedly with the assistance in covering it up from pastor Chuck Phelps)

Bessemer City pastor found guilty of sexual batteryCharlotte Observer, 5/25/10 (Harley Michael Keough)(assaulted women who came to church's food bank)

German Protestant churches investigate abuse claimsEthicsDaily (RNS), 5/24/10 (“Protestant leaders...have acknowledged their churches are also caught up in the scandal.... What was done to people within the Church is gradually coming to light....”)

Former pastor, NAMB trustee, accused of fleecing flockABP, 5/21/10 (Danny O'Guin)(fraud; sentencing news here

Church-critic blogger exposed by officials can proceed with lawsuitABP, 4/12/10 (Suit by FBC-Jax Watchdog can proceed)

Former Baptist pastor gets 10 years for molestationABP, 4/8/10 (Daniel Moore)

Churches are "target-rich environments" because of trust in superiorsCommercial Appeal, 4/7/10 ("The more conservative the church and the more emphasis placed on authority, the more likely that sex abuse will occur," said Rev. Tim Alexander, a Church of Christ minister from Nashville.)

Former youth minister convicted of sexual assaultABP, 3/25/10 (David Esarey)

Ex-youth minister convicted of sexually assaulting teenConnecticut Post, 3/24/10 (David Esarey)

Affidavit tells of girl, coach growing closerArkansas Democrat-Gazette, 3/24/10 (Tim Ballard)("I'm more than a little bit concerned over whether it was adequately addressed or appropriately addressed over the years," said prosecutor.)

As rumors fly, principal says he's innocentArkansas Leader, 3/23/10 (Tim Ballard)

Police: More victims coming forward in coach assault caseMSNBC (Little Rock), 3/23/10 (Tim Ballard)("As part of the investigation, police are looking into why the school did not come forward with information before.")

Police: More victims coming forward in coach assault caseArkansas Matters, 3/23/10 (Tim Ballard)("As part of the investigation, police are looking into why the school did not come forward with information before.")

Baptist school coach, principal charged with sexual assaultABP, 3/23/10 (Tim Ballard)

Abundant Life principal arraigned on first-degree sexual assaultSherwood Voice, 3/23/10 (Tim Ballard)(The first complaint "was made approximately 11 years ago.")

Abundant Life School coach Tim Ballard in court on sexual assault chargeTodaysTHV, 3/23/10 (Tim Ballard)(with video)(Police say "there could be 10 to 12 other victims.")

Abundant Life School assistant superintendent Tim Ballard arrestedTodaysTHV, 3/20/10 (Tim Ballard)(with video and comments from the community)

U.S. missionaries legal adviser arrested on human-trafficking chargesAP (Cleveland Plain Dealer), 3/20/10 (Jorge Puello)("He is wanted...for crimes against children; sexual exploitation of minors for pornography and prostitution; organized crime; and human trafficking.")

Lawyer for U.S. missionaries in Haiti is arrestedAP (Kansas City Star), 3/19/10 (Jorge Puello)

Sex charges causes First Southern Baptist Church of Phoenix music minister to resignPhoenix New Times, 3/17/10 (Gordon Christopher)

Former Fairbanks pastor charged with sex abuse of minorFairbanks Daily News-Miner, 3/16/10 (S. Anthony Justice)

Former pastor charged with sex abuse of minorKTVA-11 (Fairbanks), 3/16/10 (S. Anthony Justice)

Church speaks about allegations against former youth workerKTEN News, 3/15/10 (Billy Ray Smith)(Pastor Darel Bunch wants to make clear that he was "never paid" and was "just a volunteer.")

Smith arrested after more sex crime allegations ariseDurant Daily Democrat, 3/12/10 (Billy Ray Smith)

Baker disciplined in jail for 'obscene sexual hand gestures'Waco Tribune-Herald, 3/11/10 (Matt Baker)

Manhattan church perv reindicted for more victimsNY Post, 3/11/10 (Jeremy Fulton)

Dallas church announces gay-friendly stance, endangering BGCT affiliationABP, 3/9/10

Boy kidnapped, raped in a churchShreveport Times, 3/6/10 (Robert James Washington, Jr.)

Caddo church volunteer face kidnapping, rape chargesKSLA News 12 (Louisiana) 3/5/10 (Robert Washington, Jr.)

Former Liberty University professor sentenced on sex chargeThe News-Advance (Lynchburg, VA), 3/5/10 (Joshua Young Moon)(Prosecutor points out that he was also "a minister…and held a position of trust and authority at Liberty University.")

Ex-minister pleads guilty to child solicitationWRTV (Indianapolis), 3/5/10 (Daniel Moore)

Victims of alleged abuse come forward after Baptist pastor's arrestABP, 3/5/10 (Hezekiah Stallworth)

More accusers come forward as pastor admits to sexual abuseTyler Morning Telegraph, 3/4/10 (Hezekiah Stallworth)

Awaiting DNA results in sexual abuse caseOdessa American, 3/4/10 (Robert John Weber)

Local pastor arrested, charged with indecency with a childPalestine Herald-Press, 2/26/10 (Hezekiah Stallworth)

Baseball coach sentenced for sex abuseWAVY-TV, 2/23/10 (Dennis Ray Collins)

Pell City man indicted for sexual abuse, sodomySt. Clair News Aegis (Alabama), 2/18/10 (Gregory Lee Bowman)

Former youth minister pleads guilty to abuseABP, 2/17/10 (Jack Duffer)

Haiti judge frees 8 of 10 American missionariesAssociated Press (Austin American Statesman), 2/17/10

Ex-youth pastor sentenced in child molestationsGainesville Times, 2/16/10 (Phillip Glenn Terrell)(Afterwards, Southern Baptist church, Emmanuel Baptist, changes its name to Heritage Fellowship.)

Pastor charged with sex crimes against childrenWTSP-TV (West Florida), 2/16/10 (Arley Atchley)

Counselor with Free Will Baptist Home for Children charged with sex crimes against childrenWLTX-TV (South Carolina), 2/15/10 (Arley Atchley)

Detained Americans seek distance from adviserAssociated Press (Miami Herald), 2/14/10 (Former legal adviser "may be wanted for human trafficking in El Salvador.")

Church adviser may face warrantNew York Times, 2/13/10 ("An order is listed in the United States national crime database for a man with that name and birthdate to be arrested on sight....")

Former youth pastor guilty of sex assaultsDaily Press (VA), 2/11/10 (Jack Duffer)

Accused sexual predator a high ranking member of a Central Texas churchKVUE-TV (Austin, TX), 2/11/10 (Robert Riffle)(with video)

Pastor charged with criminal sexual conductWXYZ-TV (Detroit), 2/9/10 (Russel Schaller)

Haitian officer: U.S. Baptist team made earlier attempt to take children, Christian Post, 2/9/10

Politics and the Haitian kidnapping caseWall Street Journal, 2/9/10 (quotes by Frank Page and Richard Land, saying Obama will further alienate evangelicals)

Missionaries' Haiti trip no gift of charity, by Eugene Robinson, Dallas Morning News, 2/8/10

Idahoans in Haiti: We fear for our livesIdaho Statesman, 2/7/10 ("8 of the group say leader Laura Silsby is 'lying'.")

Local Baptist camp being suedCommonwealth Journal (Somerset, KY), 2/6/10 (Claude Steven Harmon)

Southern Baptists ask Obama to help 10 missionaries in HaitiChristian Post, 2/6/10

Police: Church officials didn't report sex abuseNew Hampshire Union Leader, 2/5/10 (Timothy Dillmuth, Richard Eland, Michael Wedge, & Robert Gagnon)

Prosecuting missionaries good for Haiti, families, church, by Fritz Gutwein, ABP, 2/5/10

Church seeks forgiveness for mission team detained in HaitiABP, 2/5/10

Southern Baptist leaders ask Obama to intervene on behalf of missionariesABP, 2/5/10

10 Americans charged in Haiti with kidnappingAP, 2/4/10

Lawyer seeks release of U.S. missionaries in HaitiAP, 2/4/10 (All 10 are charged on child kidnapping and criminal association.)

SBC official says he believes detained missionaries acted in good faithABP, 2/4/10

Missionary case illuminates plight of Haiti's orphansWall Street Journal, 2/3/10 ("...reports that the group was warned away from its plan.")

Parents tell of children they entrusted to detained AmericansNew York Times, 2/2/10

Case stokes Haiti's fears for children, and itselfNew York Times, 2/1/10

U.S. church group knew it was doing wrongCTV News Montreal, 2/01/10

Haiti: U.S. Baptists knew they were wrongCBS News, 2/01/10

Baptist group arrested in Haiti denies trafficking chargeABP, 2/01/10

Protecting Haitian children from harm, inadvertent or deliberateBaptistPlanet 2/1/10

When a disorganized religion decides it is going to 'care for' your childrenBassenco's Blog on the Lillypad, 2/1/10

Pulpit Predators: It's not just Father so and so...NEWD magazine, January 2010

Baptist camp hires interim to replace director charged with pedophiliaABP, 1/29/10 (Steve Carter)

Are we Southern Baptist leaders indirect accomplices to Matt Baker's murder of his wife?Grace and Truth to You blog, 1/27/10

Long road to appeal for Matt Baker, KCEN-TV, 1/26/10 (Matt Baker)

Former pastor plans to appeal murder convictionABP, 1/26/10 (Matt Baker)(Pastor Wade Burleson says that someone in SBC "needs to issue some kind of statement that takes responsibility for letting this pastor slip through the cracks when attempted rape and other sexual crimes were reported to religious authorities....")

Former minister charged with incest, FOX-19, 1/26/10 (John Wayne Diehl)

Former associate pastor arrested on child sex chargeWLWT-TV (Ohio/Kentucky), 1/25/10 (John Wayne Diehl)

Former minister pleads guilty to child molestation chargesGainesville Times, 1/23/10 (Phillip Glenn Terrell)

Mother says she forgives former pastor who killed her daughterABP, 1/22/10 (Matt Baker)

Additional sex charge for former ministerThe Leaf Chronicle (TN), 1/21/10 (Jonathan Tyler Giles)

Ex-pastor who killed wife gets 65-year prison termAssociated Press (Sacramento Bee), 1/21/10 (Matt Baker)("During sentencing...four women testified that Baker had made unwanted sexual advances toward them including one who complained to police of an attempted sexual assault.")

Women say convicted Texas ex-pastor made advancesAssociated Press (San Antonio Express-News), 1/21/10 (Matt Baker)

Former Baptist pastor sentenced in wife's murderABP, 1/21/10 (Matt Baker)

Matt Baker found guilty of murdering his wifeWaco Tribune-Herald, 1/21/10 (Matt Baker)

Former Texas minister Matt Baker found guilty of killing wife and faking her suicide noteAssociated Press (NY Daily News), 1/21/10 (Matt Baker)

Preacher Matt Baker guilty of killing wife, could get life in prison as jury hears new sex evidence, CBS News 48 Hours, 1/21/10 (Matt Baker)

Former Texas pastor convicted of killing wife, Associated Press (FOX News), 1/21/10 (Matt Baker)

Ex-pastor faces life sentence after convictionAssociated Press (Times Online), 1/21/10 (Matt Baker)("... alleged sexual advances toward more than a dozen other women . . . . including some underage girls.. . . Jurors were instructed that to find Baker guilty, they had to agree on two things: that Baker drugged his wife and that he suffocated her with a pillow.")

Women say convicted Texas ex-pastor made advancesAssociated Press (Charlotte Observer), 1/20/10 (Matt Baker)(Woman testifies that Baker was "forcible and aggressive." She says, "I had to use all my strength to keep him off of me and from taking my clothes off.")

Sentencing phase for Matt Baker begins KXXV-TV, 1/20/10 (Matt Baker)(with video)

Jury finds Baker guilty of murder; punishment phase begins Thursday, KWTX-TV, 1/20/10 (Matt Baker)(with video)

Former Baptist preacher found guilty of murderABP, 1/20/10 (Matt Baker)

Ex-mistress testifies in former Baptist pastor's murder trialABP, 1/20/10 (Matt Baker)

State rests after day that includes former Baker mistress on the stand, KXXV-TV, 1/19/10 (Matt Baker)(with videos)

Erin Moriarty: Matt Baker lied to me, but did he kill his wife? CBS News 48 Hours, 1/19/10 (Matt Baker)

Ex-mistress says Texas minister admitted killing wifeAssociated Press (Sacramento Bee), 1/19/10 (Matt Baker)

Church leaders struggle to protect kids from sex abuseThe Sacramento Bee, 1/19/10 ("Southern Baptists are not required to screen any church workers.")

Nickelsville pastor found guilty of sexual batteryKingsport Times News, 1/13/10 (Grover Bernard Lewis)

Trial underway for former Baptist preacher charged with murderABP, 1/12/10 (Matt Baker)

Pastor's trial on sex abuse allegations underway todayDaily Gleaner (Canada), 1/11/10 (Frederick Douglas Hanson)

Church volunteer gets 15 years for sex abuse of boys, Murfreesboro Post (TN), 1/8/10 (Matthew Maurice Jernigan)

Prosecutors allege Central Texas pastor killed wife, made multiple advances toward other womenWaco Tribune-Herald, 1/6/10 (Matt Baker)

Youth pastor indictedOdessa American, 1/5/10 (Robert John Weber)(Senior pastor states: "We have been aware of the situation from the beginning and have re-assigned Mr. Weber to another ministry position within our church.")

Youth pastor indicted on felony chargesKWES News West 9, 1/5/10 (Robert John Weber)

Joubert faces felony chargesThe Hour, 1/4/10 (Phillip Joubert)

2009: The year in Baptist newsmakersABP, 1/1/2010 ("[C]lergy-sex-abuse scandals continued to rock corners of the Baptist world . . . . Christa Brown published a memoir and expose . . . .")